What are campaign parameters?

What are they?

Have you ever wanted to know which product campaign had better conversion rates but couldn’t use the right metric to find it out?

Campaign parameters are texts you enter into your URL to track your traffic. This means they’ll enable you to understand your audience’s behavior and view which ads are bringing more clicks to your product.

For example: If you’d like to create three different ads on Facebook and three on Google, you can measure how many clicks to your website they are generating thus leading to the ad with the best results.

By doing so, you can track your campaign performance and, instead of keeping investing in your ads, you get to redistribute your money to the ad with the best result.

The campaign parameters are also a great way to rank and organize your ads, which also helps when performing new A/B tests and building a more targeted sales strategy.

Which parameters can I use?

You can choose the parameters that better work for your business and use them according to your strategy:

UTM Campaign - Identifies your ads per campaign created. Here you get to see which campaigns have the best results.

UTM Content - It helps you track which content, image or Call To Action is working best to attract your buyers.

UTM Medium - It shows you which communication channel and type of media is more effective. Social media, Cost per Click, or Banner?

UTM Source - It identifies the channel that brought in traffic. Was the ad my client saw featured on Google or Twitter?

UTM Term - It enables you to identify which keyword registered was used to get to your product.

By setting up different parameters, you get to combine them in your analysis to run your numbers. For example: Did the second version of my copy work best on the email marketing campaign, or Facebook?

Let’s say you have a campaign on Facebook to promote your website and want to track this specific campaign to measure how much you spent and what the return with this campaign was.

To be able to do so, you’d create a link like this one:


If you prefer, you can go with a simpler analysis by using the SRC and SCK parameters.

How can I check the number of clicks of each parameter?

You can see all the information tracked by the parameters on Hotmart Analytics, our data analysis tool created exclusively for Digital Producers.

There you can create segmentations for each parameter you use and see how many people clicked each ad, how many purchases were made and much more.

Just access your Hotmart account and click on Analytics, on the left-side menu. Hotmart Analytics’ page will open with all the information you wanted about your digital business! If you haven’t used Hotmart Analytics yet, learn about it here.

If you still have questions about the topic, send an email to our Support under the subject ANALYTICS. We’re at your disposal!

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