How to create an extra paid module on Hotmart Club?

Have you ever watched a course, and ended up wanting to learn more about one of the topics? As the Producer of an online course, you can offer extra paid modules to those students who wish to continue studying a topic that relates to your course. This is another tool that Hotmart Club, our free and exclusive Membership Area, offers.

To set up your extra module, follow the steps below:

1. Access your Hotmart account at:;

2. On the side menu, select Products 

3. Click on My Products 

4. Select the product by clicking on the Manage icon shaped like a pencil 

5. From the internal menu of your product, click on Membership Area 

6. A new window will open with the Content of your product. 

7. Below the title Content Manager, click on Extra

8. Click on New Module 

9. Enter a name for your new module and choose the groups to which the module will appear

10. Select the option for paid module 

11. Finally, enter a description about the new module and set the price that will be charged for it

Below the description, you can also add videos or images.

There are two ways in which you can add videos: you can upload the file, or enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL.

12. Click on Save and that’s it! 

The buyer will now be able to view the module at the end of the course.

By purchasing the extra paid module, a new transaction will be generated on the platform.

If you have any questions, just contact our Support.

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