How can I identify my Sales Channels?

To follow and analyze the sales of products at Hotmart, an excellent mapping tool of promotion channels with the best conversion rates is the SRC/SCK system.

Entering parameters on the link


If you’re a Producer and wish to learn about your promotion campaign results according to the checkout origin, you’ll need to enter the SCK parameter.

Which means, suppose you have 2 campaigns, one on Facebook (FB) and another on an Offline Media, a Poster (Pst), and then your standard HotLinks would look like:  


The part "" corresponds to the HotLink, while the part "&src=FB" corresponds to the parameter SRC.

If a sale is made through HotLink 1, it will be recorded for this sale, on the “Origin” field, FB and, if it is through HotLink 2, it will be registered Pst.

If you wish to promote your own product as an Affiliate or lead your consumers to an alternative sales page and measure your campaigns, you can also use the SRC parameter. So, your links will be:



If you’re an Affiliate, the parameter SRC allows you to identify which of your campaigns is generating the best results from the sales page (

Whenever your HotLink follows the pattern, you’ll need to enter the parameter ?src=xxx (where XXX is the identification you desire) at the end of the HotLink. In this case, your standard HotLinks will look like:


Note: By registering a campaign identification parameter, you should enter the symbol ? if you’re adding a first parameter found in the link and & if there’s already another parameter registered. Such as:



Analyzing the results

After mapping each channel, you can view your sales origin reports. To do so, just:

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link:

2. On the left side menu, choose Reports 

3. At the bottom of the page, select Sales per Checkout Origin, if you’re the Producer and use the parameter SCK, or Sales per Origin, if you’re an Affiliate and use the parameter SRC.

4. Select the product you wish to analyze and click Continue 

On the next page, after you’ve already selected the product, you can filter the result of the search per period and sale status.

5. To do so, just click on Filters on the upper right corner on the page .

6. Enter the information you wish and click Apply Filters 

A graphic will be created with the appropriate information divided by the segmentation you set up.

If you have questions or problems about this topic, get in touch with our Support team under the subject SALES CHANNELS. We’re at your disposal!

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