How to enable Affiliate bonus for my clients?

Hotmart offer its Affiliates the option to send bonus gifts to their buyers. Setting up this bonus is something the Affiliates do themselves, however, to do so, the Producer needs to enable her product to register bonuses!

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link:

2. On the left side menu, choose Products 

3. Click on My Products 

4. In the product of your choice, click the option Manage 

5. On your product’s menu, click the option Affiliates Program 

6. Click on Advanced 

In the Affiliation's Bonus section, just check the box Allow Affiliation Bonus to allow the Affiliate to attach a bonus that will be delivered to whoever buys this product.

The delivery is made according to the rule defined by the Affiliate herself on the page to register the bonus.

7.Then, just click Save 

By enabling the Automatic Bonus Delivery, you give your Affiliates more possibilities to work and, consequently, higher chances of conversion.

Affiliates can learn how to set up the bonus delivery clicking here.

If you have questions or problems regarding this matter, we suggest you get in touch with our Support under the subject BONUS DELIVERY. We’re at your disposal!

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