Which documents do I need to register my payment information?

For your registered bank account to be approved, you need to attach the following documents:

1. Personal ID document with photo to prove our identification

2. Valid banking document that proves all banking information provided (bank, account and ownership).

3. Document which proves IBAN:

IBAN is a standard international code to identify bank accounts. IBAN is accepted in most European countries and some other countries around the world. Regarding other countries, the data which substitutes the IBAN is the account number or Cable (used in Mexico).

OBS: Countries which don’t accept the IBAN standard to receive amounts from abroad use the account number from users who receive the sums in their accounts. In this case, just send the document that proves your bank account.

4. Document which proves BIC Swift:

BIC Swift (Bank Identification Code): is a rule aiming to identify bank institution through a set of letters or numbers. This code varies from eight to eleven characters. BIC Swift allows for transnational transfers to which the onus for the account holder is not over the cost of a transfer within the bank’s national net.

5. VAT number: applicable only for companies located in countries where the VAT system is applied (European Union).

If you have any problems regarding these procedures, you can open a request with our Customer Support under the topic PAYMENT INFORMATION. Our team is ready to help you!

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