What rules to attribute commission can I choose for my product?

The attribution rule for an Affiliate Program Is the system’s criterium to attribute the commission to Affiliate “A” or “B” in the cases where more than one Affiliate recommended the same client.

Hotmart’s tracking technology allows Producers to set different attribution rules to commission their Affiliates, and each model has its own characteristics and consequences.

Hotmart offers three ways to attribute the commission:

  • Last Click: It is the most common rule in Affiliate programs and the standard rule at Hotmart because we believe it is the most assertive. This rule attributes the commission to the Affiliate who last recommended the client, which means, the most recent Affiliate HotLink the client clicked;
  • First Click: This rule is less common and favors the Affiliate who took the client to the seller’s website for the first time. Therefore, if the client returns later on through another Affiliate’s HotLink, this second Affiliate will not get the commission;
  • Multi Clicks: Here, the commission of a sale can be shared with more than one Affiliate. This happens in the case where the same buyer clicked more than one Affiliate HotLink. Thus, the commission is split by the first and last Affiliate who promoted the product through their respective HotLinks.

To set up the attribution rule for your product, you need to:

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link: https://www.hotmart.com/login

2. On the left side menu, choose Products 

3. Click on My Products 

4. Go to Manage (pencil icon) on the product you desire 

5. On the next screen, click the option Affiliate Program 

6. Choose the three publication options:

If you don’t want to have Affiliates, just select this option and click Save 

If you choose for all Affiliates or only previously approved Affiliates, you can decide some preferences: Commissioning, Promotion, and Advanced.

7. After you set up, click Save 


If you have questions or problems regarding this matter, get in touch with our Support under the subject Attribution Rules.


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