How to integrate my members area with Hotmart?

Hotmart allows the integration of any member area with our platform.

For you product’s configuration is made even simpler, we carry out a series of native integrations. Therefore, you won’t need the help of a programmer, nor setting up an API. Native integrations can be viewed in the menu Tools > Integrations.

If you haven’t found the integration you were looking for, you can set it up via API. In other words, a series of programming codes that allow the automated communication of web-based applications and platforms.

Warning: To carry out this integration, we recommend you ask a programmer for help, or that you have programming skills. OK?

API integrations can be carried out in two different ways:

Postback or Webhook: Whenever there is an update in our platform (such as a new purchase) the system will send the information to the application being used.

Hotconnect: The application you chose will frequently check our system for new updated.

To set up your API, follow the steps below:

If you’re registering your product on the platform now

1. Access your Hotmart account:;

2. From the side menu, click on Products 

3. Click on Create Product 

4. On the new screen, register the product by filling out all the fields

Warning: To carry out the integration it is necessary that, when registering your product, you need to choose the format “Online Course, Members Site, Subscription Service” 

5. After you create the product, choose Membership Area on the side menu of your product 

6. Choose the option External Members Area 

7. Enter your external page’s URL 

It’s important that you create a username and password for our team to analyze and review your product on the platform

8. After everything has been filled out, click on Save 

If your product is already registered

Make sure you selected External Members Area and follow the steps below:

1. From the blue menu on the left, click on Products 

2. Click on My Products 

3. Find the product you want, click on the Manage icon 

4. Select Membership Area 

5. Select the option External Members Area 

After you’ve done this, you can already start setting up your integration according to the instructions below:

Setting up an external integration with the API

1. Login to the Hotmart platform through the link:

2. On the left side menu, select Tools 

3. Then, select the option Webhook  

4. On this page, you can add your settings on the + symbol 

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding this matter, get in touch with our support! We’re always at your disposal.

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