What is Global Affiliation and how does it work?

At Hotmart, there is the Global Affiliation system. It was created in order to value the work of the Affiliate, attributing her commissions in situations when, through their promotion, a sale of a second product (from the same Producer) to which she was not affiliated is made.

The requirement for the Global Affiliation system to work is that the second product also has the Affiliates Program setup and active.

Here’s an example:

A user is affiliated to product A and promotes this product’s HotLink. A buyer accessed product A’s HotLink and was redirected to the corresponding sales page, which featured another product, product B, from the same Producer.

This buyer then decided to purchase product B. As she learned about product B through the Affiliate’s link for product A, this Affiliate will get the commission over the sale made, as long as the Affiliates Program for B is enabled.

In short, the Affiliate to the first product can get commissions for all other products sold - even if she isn’t affiliated to them - regardless of when the client purchases the product.

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