How to set up the page release period on Hotmart Club?

The page release period on the Hotmart Club allows you to adjust how many days or from what date your client will have access to your content.  

To set it up, you need to:

1. Access your members area 

2. Click on Content 

3. On the Content Manager, create a New Page - if your members area still doesn’t have any content - or click on “Edit” (pencil icon) on the page you’d like.

4. On the Page Edit, scroll the page down until the field “Delivery Period”. 

Here you can choose from release in days (which determines in how many days after the purchase the page will be available) or release in a scheduled date (which sets a specific date to release the product):

- Release in days: In the topic “Delivery Period”, choose the option “Release in”, enter the number of days you want and click “Save”.

- Release in a scheduled date: In the topic “Delivery Period”, choose the option “Release in a scheduled date”, enter the date you desire and click “Save”.

You can still add a limited period to the page, making it visible for the buyer only until a certain number of days after the purchase. In this case, just:

1. Select the option “Add a limited period to this course”, which is located right below the field where you set the release date 

2. Enter the number of days you want

3. Click “Save”. 

You can set different release period and limited period to each page in your members area.

If you have any questions or problems related to this procedure, you can open a request with our Support under the subject RELEASE PERIOD HOTMART CLUB. Our team is at your disposal!

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