What can stop me from receiving commission after a sale?

Producers and affiliates receive a confirmation e-mail whenever a sale is made. The sale, once completed, will also be seen in their sales report. If you did not receive this e-mail, there may have been a problem in the ordering process that stopped the purchase from being made through your affiliate hotlink. This sometimes happens when: 


  1. The browser used by the customer does not allow cookies;
  2. Hotmart detected an affiliate ordering their own product; that is, the buyer used personal details (ID, address, phone etc) belonging to the affiliate and Hotmart's antifraud system cancelled the commission;
  3. The user went directly to the checkout page without passing through the product sales page (you sent them a link for the checkout page instead of your hotlink)
  4. The customer cleaned the cookies or temporary data in his browser before completing the order:
  5. The customer clicked on another affiliate link before ordering.The order was placed on the same computer used by the producer. (The anti-fraud system includes IP recognition.)


If you really do not receive the commission, we suggest you contact the producer directly asking to be included in the sale. Affiliations can only be included in a sale during the warranty period of the product. Once the warranty period is concluded, no affiliations can be included in a sale, since commission amounts have already been shared and paid.


If you have any problems with this procedure, please send a request to our support team. Use the subject COMMISSION NOT RECEIVED. 


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