How does the review work? Why was my product rejected?

Once the product has been registered, it will be submitted to the Hotmart Review Team. The team will check the product's registration details and its content to make sure they comply with the regulations adopted by our platform. Approved products will then receive a blueprint rating. Rejected products will not be allowed for sale on Hotmart. The review process may take up to 72 working hours. Once it's concluded, you will receive an e-mail notifying you about the final decision.


Reasons for direct rejection or product blocking

  1. Products without authorship or resale rights: One of the factors for approval is confirmation that the product was created by the user who is publishing it. Authorship must be clear on the material and the name of the author must also be the registered user name. What about pseudonyms? Pseudonyms are not a problem. Just inform us about your use of pseudonyms in one of your files.
  1. Selling a product for another person without resale authorization or co-autorship: There are two ways to solve this situation. The first is to enable co-authorship. The author may contact Hotmart directly if they don't have an account. Another solution involves sending documents that prove the author is aware the product will be sold by another person.
  2. Plagiarism in translations of foreign books: It is very common for users to translate e-books from other languages and try to sell the translated version without authorization from the original author. Some producers are now allowed to represent foreign authors and experts on Hotmart after presenting documents that show they have been authorized to do so.
  3. Products with resale rights: this type of product is not allowed on Hotmart. We suggest you focus on content you've created yourself.
  1. Products added in the wrong categories, not uploaded or corrupted: Is your product an ebook? When creating the product, make sure to select the category EBOOK, DOCUMENTS and to upload the correct file. This applies to products in all categories. If you are selling access to a website, your product must be classified in the category MEMBERSHIP SITES, SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. Test the download and check if the product is not corrupted (due to connection issues, for example). Check if you have added all the files or forgot anything,
  2. Products with inadequate format and extension Choose the extension for your product carefully. For example, we do not recommend using .doc (MS Word) format for an ebook. These documents could be edited by customers and are not as professional as PDFs and ePubs. For audio and video, it is best to use common extensions, since customers may not have the software needed for opening more unusual formats. When uploading files, make sure you use extensions that can be opened easily in most computers. If the product is software, we recommend you include an installation guide to help your customers install it.
  3. Products with inappropriate prices: Prices must be appropriate for the content of the product. Ideally, customers will pay a fair price considering the quality of each product, One of the ways Hotmart found to assess the quality of an ebook, for example, is to consider the number of pages and the price. We establish a maximum price of $1 per page. That is, a book with 60 pages must cost $60 or less. This is also applicable to audio, video and courses. Products with short, excessively amateurish or over-simplistic contents may be rejected for their low quality as well as their prices. It is important to remember that this rule is not absolute. In some cases, an ebook may be more expensive due to also including videos, membership areas, private communities and/or audio as complementary features.
  4. Products that promise fast money or contain explicit sex: Hotmart always encourages producers to improve the quality of their products and develop a respectful relationship with customers and affiliates. We believe a solid customer base is built by offering high quality products. The use of digital products will be increasingly common. For this reason, products in the business and monetization segment must present a methodology and a knowledge base that sustains the results they promise to lead to. We know the effort of customers will have direct influence over the results. Our review team is very strict when it comes to excluding products that make exaggerated or unreal claims. Products containing explicit sex content will be rejected in all instances. Products containing informative sexology and sexuality content, however, are allowed to be sold.
  5. Products that do not have sales pages: The sales page is where your product is displayed to customers and affiliates. Make sure the text and the layout are good! Sales pages with typos or lacking information about the product and links to the Hotmart checkout will be rejected. Use part of your time to create the best sales page possible. Apart from being a factor in getting your product approved, the page is one of the factors that will directly influence your conversion rates.  The better your page looks, the better the impression the affiliate and the customer will get.
  6. Offering services: Hotmart does not accept services as digital products anymore, since this category used to generate a high index of refund and chargeback requests. Products such as website creation, tweets and Facebook likes will not be accepted. This decision was made as an effort to protect our customers, since it is difficult to evaluate in advance the quality of service they would be receiving.
  7. Use of other payment platforms in the sales page: when using a payment platform other than Hotmart, the producer is infringing one of the policies he agreed to upon registration. Your sales page must contain only the Hotmart sales link, with the appropriate payment button. Products will only be approved if the sales page follows these conditions. This regulation also protects your affiliates, ensuring all traffic they bring to the producer's page will generate commission in case of sales.

Once your product has been approved, we will calculate its Blueprint. The Blueprint is a rating system that qualifies products on Hotmart according to the information made available by their producers. The more relevant and detailed the information about a product, the higher the Blueprint rating it will receive. In order to maintain transparency, we will list here the factors the Hotmart Team will consider when granting a product a Blueprint rating:


Factors for Blueprint evaluation

  1. Is the name of the product appropriate for its contents and adverts?
  2. Is the name registered the real name of the product or only a Call to Action to attract affiliates and customers?
  3. Is the category the most appropriate for the product? (Does the subject match the content of the product?)
  4. Is the format of the product correct? (ex. if it's a PDF file, is it classified as an ebook?)
  5. Is the description of the product clear? Does it contain relevant information for the customer and the affiliate?
  6. Are the pictures of the product high quality? Are there any offensive or inappropriate images?
  7. Is there clear information on the product size on the Sales Page? Eg. for ebooks, you must enter the number of pages. For audio and video, the duration.
  8. Is there a media kit registered for the product? How is the quality of the kit?
  9. Are the minimum requirements for use of the product clear? (ex. for software, you must add information about the operational system and system requirements. For ebooks, inform whether it's an EPUB or a PDF, etc).
  10. Is the commission attractive for affiliates? Or is it too little for the effort of promoting the product? (This item is evaluated only if the producer allows affiliations)
  11. Does the Sales Page use a registered domain (.com, etc)? This gives the merchant more credibility.
  12. Did the producer work on the Sales Page? Is it customized? Does it contain the main information for buyers, well organized? Or is the producer using the automatic sales page without alterations?
  13. Does the Sale Page contain layout or design errors? Does it contain disturbing elements such as pop-ups, exit scripts or garish design with large fonts and bright colors?
  14. Is the text on the sales page well written? Does it help the customer make a conscious buying decision?
  15. Are there external links on the sales page that lead the customer to purchase from another page? (this is reason for immediate rejection)
  16. Is the product attractive? Will the affiliates have good chances of selling this product if they promote it well?
  17. Is it a high quality product? Will customers have their expectations fulfilled? (ex. in ebooks, we check if information is organized, if there is a cover, an index, if contents are consistent or if it has too few pages to fulfill customers' expectations).

For more information about the review process and the blueprint rating, take a look at our blog posts:


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If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team. Use the subject PRODUCT REVIEW and include the product ID number - 5 digits found below the name of the product in Products > My products.

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