What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who wants to receive commission to recommend or promote products from other authors.  You can register in Hotmart for free and choose what you want to sell among hundreds of digital products in various niches.


There is a variety of products on subjects such as business, cooking, literature, DIY guides, software, technical courses, animal training, foreign cultures etc. You will definitely find something to promote to your audience.


There are no limits to how many products a user can promote. Users can become affiliates for dozens of products and use their hotlinks (What are Hotlinks?) to open an online store. Alternatively, they can choose one specific product and focus on a more aggressive, customized sales strategy.


Affiliates receive a commission defined by the product creator for every product they sell. Affiliates must wait for this commission to be released. This usually takes 30 days, unless otherwise defined by the producer. Once the affiliate withdraws the commission, the transaction will be concluded in up to 3 business days. This operation will transfer the money to the affiliate's PayPal or BCash account. Affiliates will then be able to use these platforms while online shopping or transfer the money directly to their bank account. For more information about the withdrawal process, click here :


For more information about working as an affiliate, take a look at our blog:


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