Which service fees does Hotmart charge?

Hotmart does not charge any subscription, monthly or adhesion fees from its members. Using our platform is completely free! You can create your account right now clicking here, without any restriction, and start using all the features Hotmart has to offer, whether you’re acting as a Producer, an Affiliate or both.

Hotmart charges a service fee for each transaction approved, kind of like a commission received for each sale. Every time a user makes a sale, Hotmart gets a commission:

Sales made in Brazil:

1) For products costing over 10.00 BRL the fee corresponds to 9.99% + 1.00 BRL

2) For products costing 10.00 BRL or under the fee corresponds to 20%.

International sales:

1) For sales in USD costing over 5.00 USD, the fee is 9.99% + 0.50 USD.

2) For sales in Euros costing over 5.00 EUR, the fee is 9.99% + 0.50 EUR.

3) For products costing 5.00 USD or 5.00 EUR or under the fee corresponds to 20%.

It’s important to remember that Hotmart only gets paid if you get paid. This commission is what keeps Hotmart’s service running with quality and without the need to charge the Affiliate or Producer a subscription or monthly fee.

To pay up bank charges, Hotmart charges a withdrawal fee whenever you request to withdraw commissions. For more details on withdrawals on the platform, click here.

IMPORTANT: if you were charged or paid for a course that implied that Hotmart was a paid platform, you were probably a victim of misinformation. Keep an eye out for it!

We make a point of getting it out in the open how much our service is and we are pleased to be sure our users are well informed about the fees charged.

If you have any questions related to this matter, you can open a request with our Customer Support under the subject Hotmart Fees. Our team is at your disposal!

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