What are the service fees charged by Hotmart?

Hotmart does not charge users any registration or subscription fees. The use of our platform is totally free of charge. Whether you want to be a producer, an affiliate or both, you can create your account right now and get unrestricted access to all Hotmart resources.


Hotmart charges a service fee from approved transactions, similar to a commission fee over each sale. Whenever a user successfully sells a product, Hotmart will receive the following commission:


  • 9% + $ 1.00 for products with prices over $ 10,00.
  • 20% for products with prices under $ 10.00


Remember, Hotmart only gets paid if you get paid! This commission fee will be used to keep our services running with utmost quality and without charging registration or subscription from affiliates or producers. There is also a withdrawal fee, used to cover bank processing charges. Users will be charged $1.99 from their Hotmart account whenever they request a withdrawal. For more information about the services covered by these fees, click here.


WARNING: If you have been charged for any courses that mentioned Hotmart as a paid service, you have probably been misled. Be careful!

If you have any problems with this procedure, please send a request to our support team. Use the subject HOTMART FEES.

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