How can I order a product?

Buying on Hotmart is easy and fast. You only need to follow a few steps to get your order approved:


  • Order placed by customer
  • Order approved and released by bank or card operator
  • Payment approved and released by payment platform
  • Payment confirmation from Hotmart
  • Access details sent




Any order must go through all these steps to be approved by Hotmart. A few of these factors may stop your order from being approved. These are some of the issues that may arise on each step:


Order placed by customer

When you are on the order page of a product, some problems may generate instant messages that stop the order from being completed, such as:


  • WARNING: Could not pay with this card. Please check card details or use another payment method. Card details are incorrect. Please check card details. More details have been sent to your e-mail. If the problem persists, you can complete the order using another payment method.
  • #WARNING: The order is using your own affiliate link. Commissions generated this way may be cancelled. The Hotmart security system may identify this transaction as malicious and stop the order or the commissioning.
  • Invalid credit card or unsupported operator. Check card details and operators accepted on the order page.
  • Invalid credit card or unsupported operator. Check card details and try again or use another card or payment method.
  • Deactivated account. This message appears when the order cannot be completed because your account is blocked from transactions on BCash (one of our payment processing entities). This impossibility is caused by an internal policy adopted by BCash, which may refer to a previous request to deactivate the account or even to a risk analysis processed carried out by the entity.
  • Incorrect taxpayer no. Please check the details on the field.
  • Card expiry date is mandatory Please fill in Month and Year of Expiry. Card details are incomplete. Please check.
  • Unfortunately, this product is no longer available for sale. For more information, please contact our Support Team.
  • Not a valid e-mail. Please check your e-mail and try again. Check that the first letter in the e-mail is not in upper case.
  • Houve um problema ao gerar o boleto: tente mais uma vez gerar o boleto e se não conseguir entre em contato com nossa equipe de Suporte.
  • There was a problem communicating with the operator. Speak to our Support Team and to the operator to find out about the issues.
  • Cannot sell subscriptions to your region. The subscription service is not available in your region. For more information, please contact our Support Team.
  • Order could not be completed. Terms of Purchase have been violated. For more information, please contact our Support Team.
  • Invalid card number. There are letters or spaces in the Card Number field. There is a wrong digit in the field. Please check.
  • This service subscription will only take Mastercard and Visa cards. There is a payment method restriction for this order. Please check the card used.
  • Unfortunately we could not process the currency exchange transaction for this product. For more information, please contact our Support Team.
  • Transaction denied by credit card operator. Please check the card details or use another payment method. Contact the card operator to find out more about the issue or try another using another payment method.
  • Invalid VAT. For more information, please contact our Support Team.
  • You have already placed an order in this session. Check your e-mail for an order confirmation, to avoid double orders.


Order approved and released by bank or card operator

Once the order has been placed, if you chose to pay with a credit card, the credit card operator must approve and release payment. A few factors may affect this process:


  • Incorrect card details. Check if you have entered the correct name, number, expiry date and CVV in the order form.
  • The card entered is not a credit card. Check if the card really is a credit card and whether it has been enabled for online purchases.
  • Payment denied by issuing entity (the bank or institution that issued the card). The issuer may deny payment if the purchase seems unusual for the consumer's habits, e.g.
    1. If you are buying a product for an unusual price, considering your shopping habits. For example, if you usually make purchases around $100-$300 and one day buys something that costs $1 or $4000. In such situations, the issuing bank may find the transaction suspicious and decide not to release the credit, even if there is enough balance available and the order is legitimate.
    2. If you are ordering at an unusual time, considering your shopping habits. For example, if you usually do your online shopping in the evening and one day decide to buy in the morning, the issuing bank may consider the transaction suspicious and withhold credit.


Note: In these cases, you must call the card issuing entity and authorize the order.


  • Not enough balance.
    1. For purchases in installments, the balance available must be equal or superior to the amount of the purchase, not to the amount of each installment. If the total credit available is lower than the total amount of the purchase, the transaction will be denied.
    2. Depending on the date of purchase, the credit may have already been used in its entirety on that month. The operator will then deny the transaction.
  • The card was not enabled for online purchases. It is very common to have cards issued with no permission for online shopping, especially if this is the holder's first card. In these cases, the buyer must call the card operator and ask to have the card enabled for online use.
  • The order was cancelled, but the operator says it has been charged. This is very common: if the cancellation happens due to a decision from the issuing bank (see item #3), the card balance will be charged and later refunded automatically.


If you have any of these issues, you must speak directly to your credit card operator to find out what is happening and to authorize the charge.


Payment approved and released by payment platform

Even with the approval from your credit card operator, the payment platform in use may choose to deny a transaction. This occurs because each payment platform adopts its own security policies.  Thus, to find out more details in these cases, you must contact the payment platform directly. Click here to find out how to contact our partners. 


When this happens, the payment platform may take up to 72 hours to notify the card operator about the denied transaction. During this time, the charge may appear in your card statement. If you have received any approval notifications, you must wait 72h to receive a cancellation notification. If the charge can still be seen in your credit card statement after this period, please send an image of the statement to our Support Team so we can contact the payment platform and eliminate the undue charge. Please send us the closed statement, not the ongoing statement available online.


Payment confirmation

Once the order has been approved by the operator and by the payment processor, Hotmart will receive a payment notification and prepare to send access details to the customer. At this stage there may be problems in the communication between the payment processor and Hotmart, leading to the purchase not being identified as approved within our system. In these cases, we must manually verify the system and validate the order. If you are having this issue, please contact our Support Team.


Sending access details

Once all necessary approvals and confirmations have been taken care of, Hotmart will send the information needed to access the product to the customer. This may happen in two ways:


  • Direct send: The Hotmart platform generates access details and sends them to the customer's email.
  • Sent by producer: Some producers would rather send access details via their own system. Hotmart will send an order notification to the producer's system, which will generate access details and send them to the customer.


Since access details are sent to your e-mail, remember to always check your inbox, trash and spam folder. If you do not receive the details, please contact our Support Team. The e-mail may have been registered with typos or there may have been a technical issue we need to check.


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