How does HotLeads track commissions?

HotLeads is an exclusive feature from Hotmart, which binds the Leads capture to the Affiliates commissioning. In order for it to work, the Producer needs to integrate her email marketing tools to Hotmart. Check out how this integration can be set up in this article.

Therefore, the condition for this way of tracking to work properly is that HotLeads needs to be active in the product. The producer must access My Account menu by clicking the icon with your avatar in the upper right corner of the page  > 

Click on Preferences 

Make sure the "Add an Affiliation Code to my products' external page" option is selected 

These products will show up in the Market with a HotLeads icon 

You can also check if a product has HotLeads active by clicking on it. Here are some examples:

  • Product with HotLeads activated
  • Product with HotLeads disabled

If a buyer register her email on an Affiliate’s capture page, whenever she makes a purchase and the system does not identify cookies in this transaction, HotLeads tracks it for you. This happens because you were the Affiliate who promoted the capture page where the lead was registered, therefore, you get the commission referring to that sale. Remember that cookies always stand out over other tracking methods.

If you have questions about this topic, send us an email under the topic COMMISSION TRACKING clicking here. We’re at your disposal.


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