What is Hotmart and how does it work?

Hotmart is a platform for the distribution of digital products, which offers the service of hosting such product and also tools that help your sales, besides processing the payment of these sales and automatically sharing the amount due to each part involved. As a platform to host the product and intermediate its sales, Hotmart is not liable for the content of such products.

At Hotmart, you can have three roles:

  1. Producer:

Hotmart Producers are individuals or companies that host some kind of digital content they’ve created - it might be an ebook, an online course, or a technical manual - on the platform to be marketed online.

  1. Affiliate:

An Affiliate is someone who will recommend/promote other people’s products, the Producers, and get commissions for the sales they make. At Hotmart, you can register as an Affiliate for free and choose among thousands or digital products from different niches to start promoting online.

  1. Buyer:

The buyer is that person who buys a product marketed on the Hotmart Platform.

Welcome to Hotmart!

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