Blueprint: what is it and how to have a good rating for your product?

Blueprint is a rating system that ranks products according to the information registered by who created the product. The more relevant and detailed the information about the product is, the better ranked it will be, thus with the potential to attract more Affiliates.

If the Blueprint is higher than 60%, the more visibility the product has in the ranks “Hottest” and “Most Recent” in the Market”. Here are some tips to improve your Blueprint:


Before you send your product, think about the following questions:

1. Is the Name of the product appropriate to its content and ad?

2. Is the Category of the product the most appropriate?

3. Is the Format of the product right? (e.g.: If it’s a PDF file, is it listed as an ebook?)

4. Is the description of the product clear, with relevant information for the buyer and the Affiliate?

5. Are the Photos of the product of high-quality? Does it have any offensive or inappropriate image?

6. Is the quality of the product good? Are the buyer’s expectations met once they buy the product? (e.g.: for ebooks, we watch out for how the information is organized, it there is a cover, index, if the content is consistent or if there are just a few pages which may not meet the buyer’s expectation).

Sales Page

The more information about the product and the Producer we add on the sales page, the more credibility the product will have as a result. In this light, consider:

1. Is the Sales Page hosted on its own domain (.com)? It increases the credibility for the buyer.

2. Did the Producer put some effort on the Sales Page, customizing it, adding the main information for the buyer, and organizing it properly? Or is she just using the page that was automatically generated without being worried about feeding it?

3. Does the Sales Page have Layout or diagramming errors? Does it have “disturbing” elements such as pop-ups, exit scripts, polluted design with huge fonts and lots of bright colors?

4. Is the text of the Sales Page well-written and leading the buyer to take a well-informed decision?

5. Does the description of the product match the content registered?

6. Are the minimum requirements of use of the product made clear? E.g.: for software you need to inform which operating system and computer requirements are needed; for ebooks you need to inform if it is an EPUB or PDF file; etc.

Commission for Affiliate

Commissioning information are vital for Affiliates to choose your products:

1. Is the Commission for the Affiliate attractive or isn’t the work the Affiliate will put in worthwhile?

2. Promotion media for Affiliates: does the Producer make email models, banners, and other media available for the Affiliate to advertise?

It’s worth noticing that the product review process takes up to 72 business hours after the product is “sent to review”.

If you have any questions or want your Blueprint reviewed, we suggest you get in touch with our Customer Support under the subject Blueprint.

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