What do Affiliate Managers do and how to set up this option on the platform?

The Affiliate Manager is the person responsible for organizing the promotion of one or more products available on the platform. They are responsible for being the contact between the Producer and all the other Affiliates and provide the necessary support so all of them can clearly understand the Producer’s strategy and their identity.

The role of an Affiliate manager can be quite extensive, going from the creation of a promotion planning that best fits the ideas of the Producer, to the creation of promotion rules and even the definition of the best way to act to get better results in long-term sales.

The Affiliate Manager doesn’t only organize and plan the sales strategy but also needs to have deep knowledge of the market and the product(s) for her role, both for the Affiliates she manages and for the Producer, to be very productive. Each Affiliate Manager has a number of Affiliates they manage and it is over their sales that they get a percentage of the sales. To add an Affiliate Manager to any of your products registered on the platform, just follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Hotmart account at: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. On the left-side menu, click on Products 

3. Choose Co-Productions 

4. Click on Add 

5. Fill in the information available (co-Producer’s email, percentage of commissions, contract length).

In the option “receive commission from which sales?”, the most common is that Producers select the Affiliate Managers to receive commissions only from Affiliate sales, like in the image below.

You can also choose which Affiliates whose affiliations won’t generate revenue to the manager. To do so, just write the name of the Affiliate on the field marked below and click on Save. This option allows you to manage your Affiliates and Managers according to your sales strategy and promotion media assigned to them.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that, if the Producer selects the time of the contract as “everlasting”, they will only be able to cancel this option if the Affiliate Manager themselves agree and cancel the option on the platform along with.

6. Click on Save at the end of the page 

If you still have questions, we suggest you get in touch with our Support under the topic AFFILIATE MANAGER to solve them.

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