How to register an event on the platform

On our platform, it’s possible to register a up to 7-day on-sight course by using the e-Ticket format. To do so, just follow the step-by-step below:

1. Log in to your Hotmart account at

2. On the left-side menu click on Products 

3. Click on Create Product 

4. Select the Format e-Tickets 

5. When you finish creating your event, click on Lots on the products internal menu  

6. Click on Register Lot 

7. Enter the details of the event

Remember that the Beginning and End date of the event are the dates when the event will take place.

You can register as many lots as you wish, as soon as the amount of invites sold in the first lot are over, the second one starts to being sold automatically and so on.

8. Click on save 

Note: When a sale is made, the buyer gets an email to check-in on the event and the Producer has access to these information through the menu Sales > General Vision > e-Tickets.

When you’re done setting up the product, you need to send it for review. Hotmart’s review team is responsible for analyzing if the product is in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Platform and, at the end of this process, the product can be APPROVED or REJECTED. If the product is rejected, you’ll get an email letting you know the adjusts that need to be made and then you can request a new review.

If you have any questions or problems regarding this matter, we suggest you get in touch with our Support Team under the subject CREATION OF PRODUCT.

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