How to set up my checkout parameters


The checkout parameters allow you to decide which payment methods will be available for that specific customer and customize your checkout according to your sales strategy.

For example, the feature to hide the bank slip on the checkout is hideBillet, which is used for “forcefully” hiding the bank payment slip payment method.

In this case, you can enable the bank slip for your product and on regular sales links you’ll add "hideBillet=1" at the end.

Your link will change as follows:


The same procedure goes to the following operations:

  1. Hide the option payment through bank payment slip:: hideBillet=1
  2. Hide the option payment through direct debit: hideTransf=1
  3. Hide the option payment through PayPal: hidePayPal=1
  4. Add the option Smart Installment payment in 12 installments as initial option: split=12

If your product has different installment options and you want to present the checkout with a pre-selected option that is not “Prompt”, just add “&split=X” at the end of your checkout link, where X is the number of installments pre-selected to your buyer.

  1. Hide the option split payment in two credit cards: hideMultipleCards=1
  2. Feature only the checkout option for the trial period: showOnlyTrial=1
  3. Hide trial period: hideTrial=1

Note: By registering a checkout parameter, you should enter the symbol ? if you’re adding a first parameter found in the link and the symbol & if the link already has another parameter registered. Such as:


If you already have questions or problems concerning that topic, get in touch with our Support Team under the topic CHECKOUT PARAMETERS. We’re at your disposal!

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