How to set up Google Analytics Pixel

Hotmart offers a tool that allows users to understand their buyers’ behavior: the Google Analytics Tracking Pixel!

The new Hotmart Pixel is an essential ally for you to design your sales strategy! They provide data concerning the path the buyer traces through your pages, now including your internal page, checkout and thank you pages.  

Measuring the behavior of your audience makes it easier to detect your promotion’s weak and strong suits. Then, you’ll have support to make more assertive and effective decisions for your business! You’ll be able to create offers based on your buyers’ actions, for example, consolidated by Google Analytics in the shape of data that will be your guide so that you, digital Producer, view how the buyer makes her decisions after she started interacting with your pages.

Which means that: by setting up the new tracking pixel on the platform, Google Analytics will be integrated to your Hotmart pages and will produce data referring to your clients’ browsing on those pages!

How to set this up? Just follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link:

2. On the left side menu, select Tools 

3. Find the option Conversion tracking tool 

4. Select the product you want to set up the Pixel and click Continue

5. On the next page, click on Google Analytics 

6.  On the window that opens, enter the ID of your Analytics Pixel.

Obs.: You can also use another interesting tool, the 99Tracker! The procedure to set up the pixel is the same as the described above.

There you go! From now on, Google Analytics will provide you precious information that can boost your digital product!

If you have questions about this feature or wish to know more about the importance of metrics to your campaigns, get in touch with our Support!

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