What is a subscription product and how to create one?

What is it?

Hotmart subscription’s service is a recurrent charging method processed by HotPay. This method implies recurrent charges in exchange for access to the content, this means the buyer should make recurring payments (per month, every two months, quarter, semester or year, according to what was setup by the Producer) to have continuous access to the product for a determined period of time.

Creating the product

1. Log in to your Hotmart account through the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. On the left-side menu click on Products 

3. Click on Create Product 

On the next screen, on the Format field, be sure to select “Online Courses, Members Area and Subscription Services”.

4. Click on Continue 

On the next page, in the field Payment Type, be sure to select “Subscription”.

Choose the refund deadline available for the buyer (this deadline is to the last recurrence paid).

5. Click on New Plan 

On the next page, fill in the details of the plan that’s creating (name, description, amount, periodicity, and if you wish to make a free trial period available to the customer).

Regarding the periodicity:

Choose how often our system should process the charge of a new recurrence.

If charges are Weekly or Monthly, a second field should be completed. It concerns the number of recurrences charged from the buyer, meaning it will be charged weekly or monthly per x weeks/months.

Important: for bimonthly, quarter, semester and year plans, charges occur until the buyer cancels the subscription.

The payment date for a subscription is always the date it was purchased. This means a semester plan that started on January 1st 2018 will have its second payment automatically on July 1st 2018 and so on.

The first plan created is the Main Offer. This means this settings can no longer be edited. More than one plan can be created, generating different checkout links and, that’s why different charging methods can be offered to customers.

6. After you set up the plan, click Save 

7. Then, click Continue 

8. Read the Terms of Use carefully and accept them. Click Save   

Note: The only way to pay for a recent subscription is by credit card.

From now on you need to feed it with content to then send it to our review team.

Setting up your content on Hotmart Club’s Members Area

All subscriptions are originally created on Hotmart Club’s Members Area. To upload your content to Club, you should:

1. Click Access Membership Area 

If you’d like to set up your Members Area at a different time, just go to “My Products”, find the product you wish and click Edit   then Access Membership Area

2. Set up your Members Area by following the instructions on this article: Registering my product at Hotmart Club, Hotmart’s Members Area

Setting up the content on an External Members Area

To change this setting to an external Members Area, follow the steps below:

1. Click Membership Area 

2. Select External Members Area

Provide a username and password for your Members Area so our team can assess your product. After they use this information, it will be deleted.

Click Save

Sending your product to review

1. Click Dashboard  

2. Click Send for Review 

3. Fill in any Notes you have to the Reviewer and then click Send.  

Your subscription product is created, with content and pending only the approval of our Review team, who will assess it is well-integrated and in consonance with our Terms of Use.

If you have any questions regarding this kind of product, just talk to our Support team.

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