How to set up your Webinar Pixel

The WebinarJam or EverWebinar Pixel, allows you to know who participated on your webinar and made the purchase at Hotmart. With it, you get more assertive information related to your broadcast, whether it is a live webinar or an evergreen broadcast.

Setting up the Webinarjam

To start your WebinarJam integration to Hotmart, you need to access the page of this tool, register your account and then, create your webinar.

Attention: in order to your integration to Hotmart work properly, you need to use the new version (or beta version) of the tool, ok?

1. When creating your new Webinar, choose the version Full Configuration:

2. On Live, on the seventh step of the configuration of your webinar, create, name, and monetize your offer:

3. After you finish and save the configuration of your Webinar, access My Webinars and select the event you want:

5. On the new page, select the option Goal Tracking and find the Webcode and the Product ID of your Webinar and keep them to set up on the Hotmart platform:

Setting up the EverWebinar

If you want this webinar to be in looping, you should change platforms on the website and select the option EverWebinar.

When setting up your EverWebinar, you can choose to use an external video or use a session created on WebinarJam. If you choose to go with an external video, you’ll need to set up a new offer and monetize it (as demonstrated above).

1. If you want to use an active Webinar, you need to click New Webinar and select the option Source of your evergreen webinar. Then, select the session and the date of the event you want and confirm the creation of your EverWebinar:

2. Then, click My Webinars and access the manage button:

3. On the new page, find the Webcode and the Product ID of your evergreen Webinar and keep them to set up on the Hotmart platform:

Attention: If you choose to use a live webinar from WebinarJam and want to turn it into an EverWebinar, new webcode codes and product IDs will be issued.

Setting up on the Hotmart platform

To integrate your webinar to Hotmart, access the left side menu and click on Tools 

1. Click on Conversion Tracking Pixel 

2. Select the product you want to integrate the WebinarJam or EverWebinar Pixel and click Continue 

3. Among the services available, select WebinarJam 

4. Enter the Webcode and the Product ID created on WebinarJam

5. Click Save 


If you have any questions get in touch with our Support. We’re at your disposal.

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