How to set up the Taboola pixel

Taboola is a tool that recommends content on news websites. It runs on the recommendation of articles based on recent research from users. All the content recommended by Taboola is created by advertisers.

If you use Taboola, you can integrate it to Hotmart Taboola has three types of pixel (page view, conversion, and retargeting). You can use the first two at Hotmart. They capture the actions of the users who clicked your campaign, which means, they track information of people who already interacted with your campaign. Therefore, these pixels allow you to learn the behavior of users who generated costs (clicks), as well as measuring the return on investment rate concerning that ad.

To set up the Taboola pixel at Hotmart, follow the steps below:


2. Click the menu Pixel Manage and then Add Pixel:


3. Select Conversion for the type of pixel. Then, insert purchase on the field Action Name and click on Continue:


4. On the next screen, the pixel’s javascript code will be listed, as well as the code tag img.


Attention: you don’t need to copy the entire code for the integration with Hotmart but only the account name, which will ensure the correct integration with our platform. Here’s an example:

After you perform these steps, you need to integrate the pixel to Hotmart. To do this:

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link:

2. Click on Tools 

3. Click on Conversion Tracking Pixel 

4. Choose the product to which you want to integrate the Taboola pixel and click Continue

5. Among the services available, choose Taboola 

6. Paste Taboola’s Pixel ID and click Save

If you face any difficulties in this process, get in touch with our Support. Our team is at your disposal!

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